Veoci App Health Screener

Veoci App Health Screener

Veoci App Health Screener

Veoci App Health Screener

COVID-19 Veoci App Health Screener

Monitoring your health on a daily basis, including potential symptoms and exposure to COVID-19, is a shared responsibility that can help prevent the spread of the virus on campus.

checkmarkTo assist you in assessing your health and keeping our community safe, FGCU is requiring all students, faculty, and staff to complete the COVID-19 Veoci app health screener each day before you come to campus. Please be aware that FGCU has partnered with Veoci for this app.

FGCU takes your health, security and privacy seriously. All information is handled in accordance with HIPAA and FERPA guidelines and laws.

Why is the Veoci app health screener needed?

  • Help you get COVID-19 testing quickly if needed
  • Help you get medical care quickly if needed
  • Provide information to help FGCU prevent and contain the spread of COVID-19
  • Help students, faculty/staff get additional assistance if needed

Need assistance with the Veoci app health screener?

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To enter/use various campus resources, multiple locations across the campus will be checking students' verification, including but not limited to:

  • Campus Recreation (SoVi Pool, Aquatics Center, Waterfront, Recreation & Wellness Center, Intramural events, and Sports Club practices)
  • Housing and Campus Life - all locations
  • Students Success and Enrollment Management, and Student Engagement Offices
  • Students Engagement and other meetings
  • Other locations across the campus

How to Access the Veoci App Health Screener Resources

The Veoci app health screener link will be sent to your FGCU email each day as a convenient reminder.It can also be accessed through these convenient mobile or website options:


Note:You will be installing the Veoci app

Health Screener Tutorials

Screening Resurces Screens

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Guidelines for Evaluating Health Risk

Before entering campus or an FGCU facility, use the Veoci app health screener to assess your health status. Should you get tested for COVID-19, report symptoms, become exposed, or test positive for COVID-19, please use the guidelines below:

Use this phrase to determine what you should do:

"I Have ____________"


We Are All In This Together

Counseling & Psychological Services

How FGCU Contact Tracing Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

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