FGCU Online

Florida Gulf Coast University offers accredited courses and degree programs at a distance.

The online undergraduate and graduate degree programs schedule courses to allow students to proceed through the programs in a timely manner. Some of the online degree programs available:

Online Courses

Many online courses are offered that are not part of an online degree program. Use the FGCU Course Search utility to obtain a complete list of courses offered online.

  1. Go toCourse Search
  2. Select the term and then select Virtual as the Campus
  3. Indicate any other parameters, such as the College
  4. Click the Search button at the bottom of the screen


A resource for statewide offerings of distance learning courses and programs

FloridaShines degrees online in Florida

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State Authorization

NC-Sara Logo佛罗里达州是国家授权互惠协议(NC-SARA)的成员。土库曼对伊朗比分预测佛罗里达海湾大学已被佛罗里达州批准,是NC-SARA互惠协议的积极成员。NC-SARA是一种自愿的、区域性的方法,用于州监督高等教育远程教育。互惠协议允许在参与国公开提供学术学分赚取活动,包括实习或实习等学术领域经验。NC-SARA为所有参与的州和机构制定远程学习标准。

Current authorized SARA member states includeall states except California, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S Virgin Islands.California is not a SARA member state, but currently has no state authorization restrictions for regionally accredited public institutions like Florida Gulf Coast University. Therefore we can offer our distance learning programs to residents of California. As a resident of a non-SARA state, if you have a complaint about the administration of an FGCU distance learning program, contact California’sBureau of Private Postsecondary Education.

Important information about academic programs that may lead to professional licensure or certification outside the state of Florida can be found onFGCU’s State Authorization page.

Important information about the student complaint process for distance education students from NC-SARA states can be found onFGCU’s State Authorization page.