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Faculty governance at Florida Gulf Coast University safeguards academic quality, promotes effective and open communication, insists upon academic integrity, emphasizes rights and shared responsibilities of students, staff, community, faculty, and administration, and sustains a dynamic learning environment.

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Friday, August 26, 2022 9:30AM - 11:45AM

2022-23 Senate Meeting Schedule

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Standing Teams

Faculty Senate oversees 13 standing teams that perform important work reviewing and advising numerous areas of the university.

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Faculty Awards

FGCU Faculty are eligible for awards in teaching, service, scholarship, mentoring, advising, and department leadership.

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Explore the past work of the Faculty Senate and find important documents regarding the faculty experience.

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Faculty Senate Officers

Anna Carlin
2022-2023 President
Office:LIB 225L
Phone:(239) 590-7663
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Dr. Lyndsay Rhodes
2022-2023 Vice President
Office:WH 254
Phone:(239) 590-7244
Dr. Senthil Girimurugan
2022-2023 Parliamentarian
Office:SH 204
Phone:(239) 745-4322
Tammy Sadighi Photo
Dr. Tammy Sadighi
2022-2023 Secretary
Office:MAR 330
Phone:(239) 745-4309
Dan Vo
2022- 2023 Communications Officer
Office:Lucas Hall 222
E-mail: dvo@fgcu.edu
Kristin Toth
Kristin Toth
Administrative Support
Office:EH 314
Phone:(239) 590-7017
E-mail: ktoth@fgcu.edu
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