Non-Degree Student Admissions

Continue learning without a degree plan

Note: The following information is forundergraduate non-degree seeking students ONLY.For post-baccalaureate non-degree seekers, please visitGraduate Studies.

Students not seeking a degree from FGCU can take up to 15 credit hours of undergraduate courses at FGCU by applying for admission as a non-degree seeking student.

Students currently enrolled at another institution in the State University System of Florida will申请临时学生身份。

Those seeking admission as a senior citizen non-degree seeker, must be at least 60 years of age in order to be considered for courses and complete and submit the appropriatesenior citizen non-degree application.


Students enrolling in this classification are subject to the following regulations:

  • A Non-degree seeking student must be in good standing at his/her previous institution (including FGCU) and eligible to return.
  • Non-degree seeking students are subject to the same rules and regulations as degree seeking students.
  • International students may only enroll as non-degree seeking students with permission from the University due to limitations of certain visa statuses and federal regulations.
  • Non-degree seeking students are not eligible to receive financial aid.
  • Non-degree seeking students are not eligible to stay in University housing or to receive University honors.
  • 申请学位的学生若被拒绝入读复旦大学,其后可能不会以非申请学位的学生身份注册。如果学生在被FGCU拒绝后已经完成学位课程或在其他高等教育机构有良好的学术地位,则可以免除这一限制。在这些情况下,将需要正式成绩单。
  • A Non-degree seeking student dismissed from the University will not be eligible for admission as a degree seeking student.
  • A non-degree seeking student is limited to 15 credit hours of undergraduate coursework. In special circumstances, a college may waive this restriction.
  • 作为非学位申请学生在FGCU学习的学时不能用于满足高年级学生入学所需的60学时转换。
  • Registration for classes is on a space-available basis; subject to any required course pre-requisites and other restrictions as determined by the applicable College or program.
  • Registration is in accordance with the deadlines posted on theacademic calendar.
  • 第一次在大学生将不允许注册在非学位寻求地位。

Admission Procedures

Applicants may apply as an Undergraduate Non-Degree Seeking Student by creating aFuture Eagle Accountand selecting Non-Degree on the online application. Learn more aboutadmission deadlines. The basic requirement for admissions for a non-degree seeking student is that you are in good standing at your last institution.

Registration Procedures

To register for classes throughGulfline报名后,个人密码将以电邮方式发给你。通过gulline注册的说明可以在注册指南中找到。请注意,在开学后一周内,建议居住在当地的学生亲自申请注册。For distance learning students that live outside the local area contact theDepartment of Records & Registrationdirectly to obtain information on how to register. It is the student's responsibility to register for his or her own classes.


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