Soar in 4

Soar in 4 Update from President Martin

The FGCU Soar in 4 completion incentive program was launched in 2016. FGCU was, and is, the only institution in the State University System of Florida to offer this reward. At the time, our four-year graduation rate was about 22 percent. It appears that there was no long-term plan to finance this program, and FGCU has utilized non-state and private funding sources. Over the last few years, we have made substantial investments in student success, and our four-year graduation rate now exceeds 41 percent. As a consequence, the cost of Soar in 4 has increased markedly. This cost now effectively “taxes” funding for other programs and units on campus. Thus, we have to reconsider the future of Soar in 4.

We will recommend to the FGCU Board of Trustees that we honor our commitment to those currently pursuing their degree at FGCU. That means those who graduate in their classes of 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025 who meet program criteria will be eligible for the incentive reward (FTIC – Fall 2021), along with our 2021 graduates who meet all the requirements of the program.

针对2022年秋季入学的新生,有可能会修改“Soar in 4”计划。在我们评估替代方案并征求董事会意见时,还有更多的事情需要跟进。

Should you need assistance,please email the Soar in 4 team

A Flight Plan for Graduating On Time

Your journey through higher education at FGCU is taking off. It’s an exciting time of scholarly exploration and self-discovery culminating at your final destination: graduation.

Even with a few diversions along the way, you can get there in 4 years or less. FGCU delivers the strategy and resources you need to make it happen, including Soar in 4. This program provides incoming first-year students an additional incentive to stay on track to a 4-year degree and secure a job: a rebate on first-year tuition. To be eligible for the rebate, be sure to complete the requirements below, and read ourpolicyto be as informed as possible.

  • Receive Academic Advising Once a Year, Every Year

  • Declare a Major During Your First Year

  • Meet with Career Development Services

  • Attend a Career Development Services Recruitment Event

  • Complete an Internship

  • Graduate in 4 Years

  • Secure a Job in Florida

Ready to Submit Your Rebate Application?

Have you completed all of your Soar in 4 requirements, graduated within 4 years, and obtained a full-time job in the State of Florida earning at least $25,000 annually? If so, send an email toSoarIn4@fgcu.eduwith the subject line "Ready to Submit Rebate Application" and an electronic document will be sent to you to be completed. Students have up to one year from graduation to submit their Rebate Application.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Soar in 4?

  • How is the Soar in 4 rebate calculated?

  • 我有资格参加4级的萨索尔吗?

  • What are the rebate criteria?

  • Where can I find my rebate amount?

  • When do I need to graduate to receive a rebate?

  • I completed my internship. How can this count toward my Soar in 4 progress page?

  • How do I apply for my rebate?

  • What tax form is required for the processing of the rebate?

  • Will the rebate be subject to federal tax?

  • 如果我的退税申请被拒绝会怎样?

  • What are the rebate criteria that my student must follow in order to receive their rebate?

  • How can I help my student to stay on track to Soar in 4?

  • Who can I reach out to with questions about Soar in 4?

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